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“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”
– Rumi

                                                                       A Warm Welcome!


Blue River Therapy is a mental health provider that is enthusiastic about the opportunity help you or your loved ones feel better and function more effectively in life.  I'm Andy Weidmann,  the licensed therapist at Blue River Therapy who is dedicated to provide a safe and comfortable space to cultivate your intrinsic, lasting mental health so that you can move through the problems you are experiencing.  I can really help with things like the agonizing grief  from loss or change, the crippling effects of anxiety and depression, or the existential dilemmas and transitions that life presents. I'm also particularly skilled at healing psychological trauma. More generally speaking, I will help support you on your path toward a truly happy and fulfilling life. 


Blue River Therapy leans toward effective, evidence based methods like mindfullness based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, somatic experiencing, and EMDR to really help you heal.  I have over ten years of experience successfully working through a broad range of difficult mental health issues.   


You can expect to find our relationship together to have unconditional positive regard, openness, curiosity, wisdom and compassion.  Please reach out to ensure you receive the healing you deserve. There are real and time tested way through the psychological pain you are experiencing.  I'm here with effective and precise tools to get you back to a full and happy life.



Andy Weidmann



Sessions together are focused on you and your issues that need attention in a confidential and nonjudgemental space. You can expect to feel genuine connection and concern in our relationship.   Meetings together can be conducted via telephone, video calls, or in person according to your needs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance is accepted.

Group therapy is particularly helpful for people to develop new, healthier patterns of behavior that they would like to have in a broader social context.  It also is a safe space that creates a healing connection between its participants. I have fifteen years of experience creating groups with these results.  

I'm available and qualified to lead custom wilderness expeditions for groups of folks who are interested in reconnecting with themselves, each other, and the living planet.  Please be in touch to let me know what experience your particular group is looking for.

Wheat Field


Therapy in the Round

Blue River Therapy is located in the country in a yurt about 5 miles northeast of Manhattan, Kansas.  Its design and location were chosen specifically to promote a settled, relaxed, and private experience for clients. It also celebrates a return to the earth. Below are pictures of the space to help you get a feel for it:

Yurt Interior


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